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Alumni Announcements Luis A. Alfaro Sanabria 10/25/2016  
Married a beautiful and wonderful Columbian woman in December 2015.
Alumni Announcements Diego E. Casas Murillo 10/25/2016  
I am part of a Food Safety project being developmed in Honduras for the development of cattle segment in Honduras.
Alumni Announcements Alejandro Castro Aviles 10/25/2016  
Completed MAsters in Plant Breeding / Genetics and anrolled in PhD program
Alumni Announcements Carlos J. Esquivel Palma 10/25/2016  
Received Master's Degree in Entomology from Ohio State University, 2015
Alumni Announcements José I. Fuentes Rosales 10/25/2016  
Started an internship in the Nutrition and Food Science Department at LSU
Alumni Announcements Adriana V. Gaitán 10/25/2016  
President of Zamorano Agricultural Society (ZAS) at LSU.
Alumni Announcements César A. Galindo Pérez 10/25/2016  
First place poster competition in the Frozen and Refrigerated Foods division at the IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo - Chicago, 2016
Alumni Announcements Jenny M. Gavilánez-Slone 10/25/2016  
Proud mom of 3 boys: Stefan, Donovan, & Christian
Alumni Announcements Carla M. Proaño Herrera 10/25/2016  
Currently looking for a company that has E-verify to be able to do my OPT (Optional Practical Training) extension. I would be really grateful for any opportunity.
Alumni Announcements Kairy D. Pujols Martínez 10/25/2016  
2016 - Scholar recipient IFT Feeding tomorrow
Finalist poster oral competition in Sensory Science Division - Chicago, IL
Alumni Announcements Nancy K. Rubio Zapata 10/25/2016  
Graduates from LSU with Masters in Animal Science, August 2016
Alumni Announcements Alma G. Valle Henríquez 10/25/2016  
I am currently working at Mississippi State University between Poultry Science Department and Food Science, Nutrition, and Health Promotion.
Alumni Announcements Pablo R. Vargas Ribera 10/25/2016  
Currently working as a research scholar in the Plan Pathology Department at LSU
List has 13 notes on 1 page